Bold and Beautiful

Bold and Beautiful

(Published in Access International (official magazine of IPAF) in August 2016)
Mast climbing units from Scanclimber are playing a central role in the facade work at a massive recycling project in Denmark.

Copenhagen's state-of-the-art waste to energy plant Amager Bakke will equal the best in the World in terms of efficiency and environmental impact when it opens in 2017. The plant is being constructed by Amager Ressource Centre (ARC), owned by five Danish municipalities, and will be equipped with two furnace lines and a joint turbine and generator system that replaces its 45-year-old neighbouring predecessor, which will be demolished once the new build is complete.

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About Amager Bakke

  • The building measures: 200 m length, 70 m width and is 124 m high, including the stack.
  • Supplies a minimum of 50,000 households with electricity and 120,000 households with rating
  • Utilises more than 100% of the fuel´s energy content, has a 28% electrical efficiency rate, reduces sulphur emissions by 99,5% and minimises NOx emissions to a tenth, compared to the former plant.
  • By 2017 the Amager Ressource Centre plant will burn 70 tonnes of waste every hour.
  • Includes a roof-wide artificial ski slope open to the public, reaching a height of 85m at the top of the main building and running down to grand level.