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Černá labuť
accomplishment 1998
investor Plankvadrat
general contractor Průmstav
architect Ateliér Holub
type of construction external cladding
type of building commercial
project volume of the facade 0–1,9 mil. EUR

A dilapidated two-storey house given back to its original owners after the Velvet revolution was sold to a new owner in the 90s. The present owners started demolishing the building and a new modern office building was erected in this space in 1998. Not only with its name is Černá labuť (Black swan) in contrasts with its neighbour building – Bílá Labuť (White swan), a department store.

Sipral took part in this project with a supply of a bond cladding of the upper ledge and lateral sides of the roof penthouse where an art café offers an exceptional panoramic view over Prague thanks to its all-glazed facade.