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Amager Bakke Amager Bakke Amager Bakke Amager Bakke
Amager Bakke
accomplishment 2014–2017
investor I/S Amager Ressourcecenter
general contractor I/S Amager Ressourcecenter
architect BIG Architects
type of construction unitised facade, external cladding, fire-rated constructions, atypical constructions
type of building public
project volume of the facade > 10 mil. EUR

Amager Bakke shall become one of the most modern and most environmental-friendly waste-to-energy plant in the whole Denmark. When completed it will be able to process more than 400 000 tonnes of waste per year and to supply low-carbon electricity to approx. 550 000 citizens and heat to 140 000 households in Copenhagen. Price of the building is estimated to nearly 4 billion Danish crowns, i.e. approx. 536,2 million EUR.

Nevertheless the architects did not design the building only as an waste-to-energy plant. It shall also become a place where the whole family can spend their time.The building will be erected in a shape of slope where visitors can enjoy various sport activities as skiing, mountain climbing, cycling or walking. The surface will be specially adjusted, there will grass and trees grow. The incineration plant will become one of the highest buildings in Copenhagen.

Sipral will supply a complex external envelope of the Amager Bakke building and a special glazed interior partition separating the administrative and operational part. Functional facade envelope shall be composed of the administrative part element facade with high demands on thermal and acoustic parameters, the operational part element facade and a water-proof façade envelope of the tipping hall. The whole building surface (the aforementioned types of façades and concrete structure of the main building) is covered with a second visible layer of aluminium cassettes made of natural aluminium (approx. 3250 pcs). A parapet also forms part of the facade envelope that will also serve as a railing.It will protect visitors walking on a publicly accessible roof surface from the wind gusts. A special internal partition must meet high demands on fire protection and acoustics because it will separate office spaces from the operation. We will also supply building entrances and various types of entrance gates.Greenery will be installed on the upper surface of cladding aluminium cassettes in the administrative part of the building and in the part adjacent to the ski slope on the northern façade.

The press release about the project you can find here.

Please find the video re. the installation process on the construction site here.

Check the documentary video about the waste-to-energy-plant with Adam Gebrian on our Vimeo profile.

Photo (c): Christoffer Regild