Prosek Point Office Center

Prosek Point Office Center
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accomplishment 2008
investor J & T Real Estate CZ
architect Architektonický ateliér KAAMA
type of construction complete external envelope, stick system facade, unitised facade
type of building administrative
general contractor Hochtief CZ, divize Praha
project volume of the facade 6–7,9 mil. €

Prosek Point administrative center is an interesting complex of three buildings, surrounded by a park with shops and cafés, all wheelchair-accessible. Sipral supplied a complete facade envelope including automatic and manual entrance doors and electric garage doors. Most of the facade area, from the 2nd to the 8th is made of element facades. Individual modules were fabricated and glazed with accessories (opening windows) in our production shop. During installation these were mounted as a whole without use of scaffolding and installation platforms. Modules were designed for floor-to-floor height, i.e. 3,8 m for the 2nd to the 8th floors and 4,1 for the 1st floor. Width of basic modules is 2,7 m. When viewed from the exterior you can see horizontal strips of glazed areas alternating with non-transparent parts of the facade, in both cases these are 1,9 m high, which corresponds with half of the basic module height. Non-transparent parts of the facade are clad with board of glass-fiber-reinforced cementin three different colors for each of the buildings, from Antracit dark grey, lighter Silver Grey, to nearly white Ivory made by Rieder. Cladding consists of 8 mm thick flat boards and these are anchored through a secondary system of aluminum strips. Rieder boards are invisible on bottom five floors and they are fixed by gluing, on upper floors these are fixed with rivets in Rieder color.Window ribbons consist of aluminum windows with hidden flap frames. A window of a basic module is made of 2 100 mm wide fixed part and 600 mm wide tilt-opening part, which is only tilting in the sloping facade. Surface treatment of aluminum frames in RAL according to shade of RIEDER cladding material on individual buildings. All modules are equipped with aluminum external louvers that are covered with external glass-fiber-reinforced cement when pulled up. Northern facades of individual buildings are sloping inclined towards the street.On the 1st floor of all buildings there are stick system facades, glazed in most of their area, in non-transparent areas these are clad with glued Rieder boards. Sipral’s delivery included also manually opening entrance doors to individual retail units and automatic sliding doors to main receptions of individual buildings.