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accomplishment 2011–2013
investor VARA group
architect Arding
type of construction external cladding, shading systems type of building
type of building residential
general contractor Metrostav, divize 1
project volume of the facade 0–1,9 mil. EUR

Trinity is a modern multi-functional project consisting of residential part located in three towers. The A Tower has 21 floors, B tower has 27 floors and there are 24 floors in the Tower C. Total area of flats is approx 30 000 m2. Nevertheless at present time only the A Tower is finished. There are also retail and wellness parts on bottom floors of the building and administrative spaces that are of only complementary function. Nadlan, a.s., a member of VARA GROUP is the project developer.The building is situated in Bratislava within administrative and business locality of Mlýnské nivy and is bordered by Plynárenská and Jarabinkova streets. It can be easily reached thanks to its connection to a highway bypass (D1, D2 highways) and thanks to the fact it is approx 5-10 minutes far from the center of Bratislava. The whole building is architecturally approached as „life style“ where modern design of the building unites with functionallity and with a big emphasis on current modern way of life and living.

Within the realization of the first stage where the whole base of business and administrative part of the building and the A Tower were erected our company carried out the whole glazed cladding of the facade, balconies on the A Tower, solar grille for the business and administrative part and the A Tower, stainless railing in the shopping mall and stainless railing of the wellness center staircase. Total scope of the glass facade was approx 5 600 m2. All facades were designed as thermally insulated, ventilated with a constant joint, with aluminium base grate where colored enamelled glass units in several RAL shades were used according to the architect´s demands. Total scope of balconies was approx 950m2 and they were designed as individual steel zinc-coated railing with a clear and colored glazed pane, diversity of colors is solved with RAL shades based on the architect´s demands.

Based on the layout zoning the stainless railing in the shopping mall was structured into two units;both of them create an ellipsis when viewed from the top. There is a front-anchored mullion with a segmented wooden handle rail in a shape of „a tear“ and a pane made of clear glass. Stainless railing on the wellness studio staircase is partially designed with a front-anchored mullion with a segmented wooden hand rail of rectangular cross-section and a clear glass pane. Further on the railing consists only of a hand rail of the same cross-section but anchored laterally to the staircase walls with stainless fixing units. A solar-control grille on the A Tower and on the business and administrative part (325 m in total) is made of individual aluminum lamellas inserted into a bearing construction consisting of brackets that are structurally secured with a stainless tension rod. The lamellas are connected to the bracket with a fixing clips.

Given the high segmentation of the building and general coordination with other works and crafts the biggest difficulty was a complex manipulation with material. We had to prepare many mock-ups of all parts of the delivery and the investor put emphasis on quality of the used materials as well as preciseness of execution of the installation works.