Nine Elms Point

Nine Elms Point
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accomplishment 2014–2018
investor Barratt London
architect Broadway Malyan
type of construction unitised facade, frame constructions, external cladding, stick system
type of building public, residential
project volume of the facade 39 mil. EUR and more

Nine Elms Point is situated in the south-western part of London, in close proximity of the city centre. The project is one of the first within revitalization of a large area in this part of the city.Barratt London invests the project, Rolfe Judd is the design´s author, and Broadway Malyan studio is the architect.The project is built as a residential one – there will be 645 flats of various sizes from one-room flats to penthouses on the last floors of the blocks. Sainsbury´s shall also form a part of the project. There will be a new underground station created nearby.The project is constructed on a triangular plan. On the underground levels there are parking spots placed. Retail units and Sainsbury´s are located on the ground-floor and flats on seven above-ground buildings. On the roof of the business centre there will be a public open space with a park vreated.The project execution was launched in 2014, it is planned to be completed in 2019. Sainsbury´s should start operating in 2016. Sipral is supplying envelopes to the three highest buildings – block D (18 floors, the block is 68m high), block K (27 floors, block height of 90m) and block G (37 floors, the block is 124m high). Execution of the block D and bottom seven floors of K and G blocks shall be done in 2015. The remaining part of K block shall be constructed in course of 2016 and 2017 and the remaining part of G block from 2017 to 2019.Envelope of D, K and G will be done as an element facade, there will be more than 5000 pieces of elements delivered. Maximum width of installed modules is 2,35 m, standard height is 3,1 m. The element facade is equipped with external architectural cladding made of aluminium panels, glass and glass fibre boards. Final colours of aluminium panels differentiate design of individual blocks. Block D is clad in corten imitating colour, block K has cladding in copper colour and block G in brass colour. In the facade there are tilting windows and sliding doors for access to balconies and terraces embedded. Sipral also delivers steel balconies of Block D and cladding to concrete balconies on blocks D, K and G with glass railing as well as stick-system facade on the ground-floor of all three buildings including entrance automatic doors, suspended ceilings and cladding of bearing columns.