Skiing on waste-to-energy plant at Amager Bakke

Skiing on waste-to-energy plant at Amager Bakke

Mast climbers played an important role in the Amager Bakke façade work. Amager Bakke is a state-of-the-art waste to energy plant, one of the best in the world in terms of efficiency and environmental impact. The plant is equipped with two furnace lines and a joint turbine and generator system. A special feature is a ski slope on top of the plant.

The Amager Bakke waste-to-energy plant
The plant produces energy from 400 000 tonnes of waste annually from up to 700 000 residents and at least 46 000 companies. It will become possibly Copenhagen’s most notable recreation destination, with a 400 m artificial rooftop ski slope running from its 85 m peak down to ground level, and incorporates a climbing wall of the same height.

  • The building measures: 200 m in length, 70 m in width and 124 m in height, including the stack.
  • Supplies a minimum of 50 000 households with electricity and 120 000 households with heating.
  • Utilises 100 % of the fuel’s energy content, has a 28 % electrical efficiency rate, reduces sulphur emissions by 99.5 % and minimises NOx emissions to a tenth of the former plant’s.
  • The Amager Resource Centre plant will burn 70 tonnes of waste every hour.

The architects from Bjarke Ingels architect office had a multi-dimensional view of the plant design. The inside was designed to be the waste-to-energy plant, the ‘roof’ a ski slope and the outside walls a landmark for Copenhagen.

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