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Wardian London Penthouse All-Glazed Balustrades Successfully Pass Tests

December 10, 2018 – In conjunction with the VINCI Technology Centre testing facility in Leighton Buzzard (UK), we successfully conducted impact testing of the balcony for the penthouse of the Wardian London residential project. 

Preparations for the test sequence of the sample balcony, which was placed over the corner at the height of the glass balustrade, lasted for 2.5 days. The sample differed from the standard balconies used in the project in that the corner section was formed by a steel frame, rather than conventionally used aluminium.

Testing staff carried out multiple impact tests in accordance with the British CWCT TN 75/76 methodology using two soft testing bodies. Finally, the glass balustrades and GRC façade sheeting underwent impact testing by a service gondola. All tests were successfully passed.