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Technical Solutions for Glazed Façades and MEC Hall in ERA21 Magazine

October 12, 2018 – ERA21, the Czech professional bimonthly for sustainable architecture and construction, published two articles in its October issue featuring Sipral.

Roman Šnajdr, Technical Business Consultant at Sipral, examined glazed façades in detail in his article “Lightweight Building Envelopes: Glazed Façades”. In addition to structural solutions, he focused on the properties of lightweight envelopes, in particular thermal technology, acoustic insulation, and fire protection.

The second article, “The University of Manchester Builds a Top-Notch Campus”, presented our current project to readers. The modular façade of the main campus building, MEC Hall, which covers a total area of 7800 square meters, is going up rapidly before our eyes. After its completion, the articulated façade will comprise glazed and opaque modules that are vertically divided by aluminium boxes and custom-made profiles.

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